BioPQQ and the

Three Pillars to Brain Health:

The Revolution has Begun! Are you involved!?  BioPQQ may help you see improvements in the short term and protect your brain in the long term. Here are the three ways BioPQQ has revolutionized brain health.


Nerve Growth Factor:

  • In 1986 the discovery of Nerve Growth Factor (NGF)  won a Nobel Prize.  Prior to its discovery it was believed that nerves could not regrow or recover after being damaged.
  • BioPQQ one of a kind in brain health for its connection to Nerve Growth Factor. Studies indicate that with BioPQQ we may promote NGF.


Increasing Mitochondria:

We all know the mighty mitochondria, the powerhouse of the cell.  It helps us generate over 90% of the energy our bodies use for daily functions, from exercise to breathing... to thinking!  That's right the brain as an organ is the largest consumer of our body's energy!

What we didn’t know until recently is that by supplementing with BioPQQ might promote Mitochondrial Biogenisis, the creation of new mitochondria!  New data suggests this in humans.

New Mitochondria means more potential energy.  This is revolutionary for you and your cells, especially in areas like your heart and brain where we can find the highest concentration of mitochondria in your body!



Antioxidants are the buzz now a days because they protect you from damage on the cellular level.  Oxidative damage can wreak havoc on our cells, especially in our brains which are susceptible to oxidation.

BioPQQ is a superior antioxidant and was shown in studies to survive more cycles as an antioxidant than other popular antioxidants.